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Chapman Auction Group is a full service nationwide auction company focused on the disposition of commercial and residential properties and luxury assets.

Our process is designed to assist individuals, corporations, financial institutions, receivers, government agencies, and the legal and corporate community across the nation.

Auctions are the fastest and most effective manner to bring real estate and personal property to the market place. We provide an immediate response to get real estate sold and generate liquidity for the owner. Auctions have been used for hundreds of years throughout the world for some of the most valuable assets that museums, collectors, and property owners have relied on to sell their most priceless assets. Today, billions of dollars of property are exchanged annually via the auction process as well as the global stock exchange. An auction should be the first choice of marketing property when both time and price are of importance. We offer five options in the sale of the property from an auction, sealed bid, sealed bid/hybrid auction, conventional sale, or private sale.

We would like to manage the marketing and sale of your property to our extensive network of business contacts and multi-media campaigns to gain the maximum liquidity of the market driven price. Our goal is concentrating on customer service and satisfaction with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. It is a very exciting and rewarding business for us to help an individual or business restructure their finances, protect their investment, and grow their wealth. We are there throughout the entire process to make sure you achieve the best results possible.

Thank you for previewing our website and please contact us for a no cost or obligation consultation for more information on how we can create a successful auction for you.

Multi-family, retail, student housing, portfolios, hospitality, marinas, resorts, agricultural, self storage facilities, timber land, and ranches are just some of the few properties in which we focus on.

Please visit our parent company website www.bluewaterequities.com for additional investment opportunities.

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