Advantages of Selling Real Estate at an Auction

  • Sell your property on your time schedule, not the Buyer’s.
  • Seller determines the how, when, where, and what condition at which the property will be sold.
  • Sold "as-is" and "where is", without any other inspection or repair, with no contingencies with all faults, there is no requirement to do work on the property it sells as is, which is a great advantage over conventional real estate sales.
  • It is an open and transparent sales process.
  • Eliminate numerous scheduled and unscheduled showings.
  • Provide instant liquidity and the Sellers carry cost of maintenance; mortgage, taxes, etc. are significantly reduced in comparison to a conventional sale. Securing results in as little as 45-90 days unlike a conventional sale which can take months or years.
  • All conditions of the sale set in advance, thus, eliminating negotiations between Buyer and Seller.
  • We are on your team not your payroll because the Buyer pays the commission.
  • The focus is on your property alone with a marketing plan designed to increase interest and visibility.
  • Auctions offer proven results process for selling in a compressed time frame creates urgency for Buyers to reach a point of decision resulting in true market value from aggressive bidding.
  • Seller is able to move on to other investments and free up capital.
  • Our auction process brings together the Buyers and willing Seller in a negotiation process where the price escalates to the market value unlike a conventional sale where the price ceiling is set and then the price is negotiated downward.
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