Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between and "Absolute Auction" and a "Reserve Auction"?

A: An "Absolute Auction" means that the property is sold to the higher bidder regardless of price. While A "Reserve Auction" refers to an auction subject to confirmation, meaning the seller reserves the right to confirm the approval of the Sale.

Q: Which Auction Type ("Absolute Auction" or "Reserve Auction") would be best for me?

A: The way to attract the most buyers to your property is an "Absolute Auction" because it gets the attention of the marketplace. The buyers can be assured their time and effort is justified knowing the property will be sold.

Q: Some property owners considering auctions have a mortgage and are concerned about the net amount they may receive, how is this covered in the Auction Process?

A: We will help you decide if the auction process is best for you. We understand Your concerns and your need to cover the existing mortgage. Auction day determines the acceptable value for your property. An auction or a traditional sales method does not change the market value if the property has been marketed well.

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