Seller's Guide

If you have been thinking of learning more about the possibility of an auction, we would like to discuss with you the opportunity in auctioning your property and answer any questions you may have. Please view the following information that summarizes the process for the seller.

Five Options Sales Process

  1. AUCTION: We will tailor an effective marketing campaign for the property that will be implemented to bring the investment to an accelerated public auction. Our goal is to get the most exposure for the property to gain the maximum liquidity of the market driven price. There are three methods for an auction consisting of:
    Absolute Auction: This is the most aggressive in producing interest in the property. The property is sold to the highest bidder with no limiting conditions or amount regardless of price. The Seller must be prepared to accept the market valuation on auction day which is determined by the bidding. The Buyers can be assured their time and effort is justified knowing the property will be sold.
    Auction with Reserve: Also known as "Reserve Auction" or "Auction subject to confirmation". An auction in which a Seller reserves the right to establish a unpublished reserve price, accept or decline any and all bids, or to withdraw property at any time prior to an announcement of the completion of the sale by the Auctioneer. This method offers some protection to the Seller and may reduce the appeal of the auction and typically results in lower sales prices than Absolute Auctions.
    Minimum Bid: Is similar to a Reserve Auction although in a Minimum Bid Auction, the reserve price is published and announced as the minimum starting bid that would be accepted.
  2. SEALED BID: An additional option is a sealed bid where the property is marketed for the solicitation of offers by the way of sealed bids to be opened at a specific date and time and the bidders make their one and only best offer. The owner then decides to accept or reject the offers.
  3. SEALED BID/HYBRID AUCTION: Utilizes a conventional sealed bid format along with bidders aware that a select few best bidders will obtain the opportunity to bid at a private sale held by the auctioneer with the opportunity to place a best and final offer via live auction format.
  4. CONVENTIONAL SALE: We can market the investment from a conventional sales approach to our list of investors as well as public marketing campaign.
  5. PRIVATE SALE: We offer a private sale that is not publically advertised where we take it directly to our proprietary list of qualified buyers and it can stay on the market as long as needed. We offer the private sale through Chapman Auction Group as well as our parent company Bluewater Equities,
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